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Pirelli Motorcycle Tyres

Pirelli was founded in Milan in 1872 and today stands as a global brand known for its cutting-edge technology, high-end production excellence and passion for innovation that draws heavily on its Italian roots.

From the pinnacle of world motorsport to the everyday needs of today's riders, Pirelli has a product to suit your requirements.

Power is nothing without control.

Pirelli videos


PIRELLI ANGEL™ GT II | You don’t need wings to go everywhere


PIRELLI ANGEL™ GT II | Technical Video


Pirelli, 150 Anniversary

Recommended Pirelli motorcycle tyres

All Pirelli tyres

Pirelli Angel City

Angel City

Prices from £69.41
Pirelli Angel GT

Angel GT

Prices from £130.52
Pirelli Angel GT2

Angel GT2

Prices from £237.54
Pirelli Angel ST

Angel ST

Prices from £104.40
Pirelli City Demon

City Demon

Prices from £57.89
Pirelli Diablo


Prices from £118.60
Pirelli Diablo Rosso 3

Diablo Rosso 3

Prices from £120.86
Pirelli Diablo Rosso II

Diablo Rosso II

Prices from £113.99
Pirelli Diablo Rosso IV

Diablo Rosso IV

Prices from £162.32
Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SC -V4

Diablo Supercorsa SC -V4

Prices from £198.54
Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP V3

Diablo Supercorsa SP V3

Prices from £190.28
Pirelli MT21


Prices from £105.54
Pirelli MT43


Prices from £81.26
Pirelli MT60


Prices from £137.82
Pirelli Phantom Sportscomp

Phantom Sportscomp

Prices from £144.26
Pirelli Scorpion MX Extra X

Scorpion MX Extra X

Prices from £99.72
Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR

Scorpion Rally STR

Prices from £138.50
Pirelli Scorpion Trail 2

Scorpion Trail 2

Prices from £143.62
Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa II

Diablo Rosso Corsa II

Pirelli Diablo Rosso Scooter

Diablo Rosso Scooter

Pirelli Diablo Superbike SC2

Diablo Superbike SC2

Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SC

Diablo Supercorsa SC

Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP

Diablo Supercorsa SP

Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP V2

Diablo Supercorsa SP V2

Pirelli Dragon Supercorsa Pro

Dragon Supercorsa Pro

Pirelli Scorpion MX Mid Soft 32

Scorpion MX Mid Soft 32

Pirelli Scorpion MX Soft 410

Scorpion MX Soft 410

Pirelli Scorpion XC Mid Hard

Scorpion XC Mid Hard

Pirelli Scorpion XC Mid Soft

Scorpion XC Mid Soft


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